Stroitelnoje Delo S&G Ltd

Science, design and construction company

     We should like to suggest for the clients our services in the following fields:
  • Investigation of building structures technical state with the purpose of ensuring their safety usage and reducing reconstruction or renovation estimation costs;
  • Development of the design (including working drawings and budget estimations) and construction works for renovatio.
  • Repayment and reconstruction of building structures;
  • Development of the design (including working drawings and budget estimations) and turnkey construction for the sites.
     We have licensees for all our activities.
     The company is derivated in 1995 on the basis of branch research and development lab, known in St.-Petersburg, "Testin of building structures" what was under Saint-Petersburg University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. Last years th operations on large number of plants in St.-Petersburg and in different locales of Russia are held on the basis of moder technologies with usage of advanced achievements of science and building practice.

     The company successfully cooperates to the foreign partners, participating in designing restaurants "McDonald's" factories "Coca-Cola", "Wrigley", reconstruction of the plants of the company "Gillette", "Philip Morris Izhora", Russia-Dutc' plant "Severnoe Siyanie - Unilever", In examination of plants of the turkish building company "Renaissance creation" an "SUMMA (UK) Ltd". The company successfully cooperates to Home builders association of states of Colorado and New Mexico (USA) through link Programs of effective production (PEP) of Center of the civil initiatives (CCI).

     The company repeatedly participated in International Exhibitions and Fairs in Russia and in Germaniums, including Denkmal Leipzig 96, Bau-Fachmesse Leipzig 97, Denkmal Leipzig 98.

     Highly qualified specialists of the company, it's production activity, modern effective technology help us in fastening the work schedules, reducing the construction cost and improving of final quality.

We are sure in the mutually advantageous and fruitful cooperation.
Yours sincerely,

General Director Director "Stroitelnoje Delo S&G"
and Director of "Testing and survey of building structures" laboratory
Nikolai G. Sotnikov
Deputy General Director Professor Sergei M. Galileev